About us

When, in the year 1904, one Shri Somasundara Sastry, a visionary, founded a school for girls in Kanchipuram little would he have realised that one day his school, like the banyan tree, would send new educational roots from its branches so that they would develop into strong trunks. It was, in a way, in keeping with the character of the town, Kanchipuram, that a school was founded here. But to found a school for girls in 1904, now, in retrospect, seems an act of courage, an act, animated by hope that favoured intellect over established prejudices and an act which also embellished the truth in Winston Churchill’s statement that a man is as big as his decisions. History, as Carlyle said, is the essence of innumerable biographies and the history of the growth of the original SSKV School from a single entity to five schools and a college today is actually the biographies of several people who strove to sustain the small beginning of 1904. The stability of public favour has been prevailing upon the SSKV brand since the beginning because successive office bearers of the Conjeevaram Hindu Educational Society (under whose aegis all the institutions are run) have been as committed as they have been assiduous in their task of institution building. Of these, mention may be made of Shri C R Pattabhi Raman, the son of Sir Sri C P Ramaswami Aiyar, the illustrious Dewan of the erstwhile princely State of Travancore. Mr. A. R. Jagannathan the son-in-law of Shri C R Pattabhi Raman and Dr. Vengudi Ramamurthy. It is only proper that now the President of the Governing Body is Dr. Nanditha Krishna, the great grand daughter of Sir Sri C P Ramaswami Aiyar and who is a well-known personality in Chennai. Under her guidance combined with the industry of Dr. C.K. Raman, the Secretary and the benign influence of Mrs. Umadevi, Joint Secretary, a giant step was taken in 2007 when a College exclusively for women was founded thereby creating an important signpost in the history of SSKV institutions.

        Our Goal
Goals, as everybody knows, can be short term and long term. A long term goal includes many short term goals. Our long term goal is to grow into one of the finest educational institutions in Tamil Nadu where girls while they acquire knowledge will also grow into complete women; where shall prevail truth, honesty, uprightness, love and goodness. Our first task in terms of small goals is to strengthen the academic competence of our faculty. They are young and the college is just seven years old. We are also aware that we need to develop in students knowledge and understanding; cognitive, transferable and practical skills. What is, perhaps, more important, is the creation of proper context and ambience for learning where meaningful education will take place. Therefore, our catchword is “freedom.” The entire academic atmosphere in SSKV College is characterized by freedom, freedom not unbridled but controlled by responsibility. We strongly believe that no meaningful education, particularly, of girls will take place where oppression and tyranny rule. This spirit of freedom is well illustrated in our College Song :

       Oh, we the girls of SSKV
                        a glorious college we
We belong to SSKV
                                                 a College proud and free              (Chorus)

1.         Come on all you young scholars
                         And join us one and all
                 We're the jolliest girls of SSKV
                              the toast of Kanchipuram

                                                Oh, we the girls of SSKV            (Chorus)

2.          We gather here in college
                             from places far and near
         We file into our classes
                             with eagerness and cheer
                 As we listen to our teachers
                             our problems disappear
             And as we work diligently
                             we've no concern or fear

                                              Oh, we the girls of SSKV                   (Chorus)

3.          It's fun to be in college
                              the cream of students we
                   we love to dance and sing
                              at moments we are free
                        And when we are off to study
                           we're hives of industry
        So that altogether
                               we are a fine community

                                                Oh, we the girls of SSKV               (Chorus)

The aim of the College is to offer to women education that will transform them into liberal minded human beings who shall remain at the cutting edge of knowledge; who shall endeavour to free their minds of bigotry and obstinacy; who shall develop a disinterested attitude where emotions are involved; who shall be able to distinguish between right and wrong without taking recourse to either of the two extremes of relationism and absolutism, and who, in all these endeavours, shall not forget the abiding grace of God who rules the world.