What a college thinks of its library defines what the college thinks of education. How nice would it be if we were all Prosperos so that we could view our library as our dukedom. Our library with a present strength of 9000 books is slowly growing. What is important is not how many books a library has but how many books are in circulation and how many books are reread by students. Then, the number of books must be seen against the total complement of students in the college. We are 1100 students and of course we need to increase the number of books in the library. But our priority is to make students read and today more than the Renaissance context reading makes a woman for knowledge is money. We have been able to bring our students round to the importance of reading. And our vision of making it 10,000 books in the library will soon be realized.

Name Qualification
Dr. E.KALAISELVI * M.C.A,M.L.I.S.,M.Phil.,P.h.D