Name Qualification
Ms.M.Anjammal M.P.Ed.,
Assistant Professor

Juvenal, the Roman poet’s single line, “ Mens Sana in corpore Sano” (A sound mind is a sound body) is a popular aphorism that forms the motto of several educational and military institutions the world over. The value of the physique all educational institutions recognize and hence sports in an integral part of higher education. We too set a premium on sports and ever though we are a small college we are not wanting in our show of enthusiasm for sports. Our physical director, Ms. Komala, was chosen by the University of Madras to accompany its hand Bell Team for a tournament in Guntur in January 2010 and manager of the University’s cricket team for an all India University competition held in December 2010 in Gwalior. These are no mean achievements for a small college like ours. She has successfully passed the state level referee examination in athletics.

Some of our students who distinguished themselves in sports/athletics in the past:
Ms. Priya, B.Com in 2010 achieved the following:
• Participated in Thanjavur State level Sports meet.
• Participated in Chennai A.L meet . 10,000 meters run and secured the 5th place.
• Won the Gold Medal and the 1st prize in 800 & 400 meters running and Replay at the state level Athletics held at SCSVMV University, Kancheepuram.
Ms. Devi B.Com (2009-2012) participated in the senior Dodge Ball championship organized by the Maharashtra Dodge Ball Association in Nasik, Maharashtra.
Plants are a foot for getting beautiful courts, athletic tracks and a pavilion by the end of the 2016.