The difference between what one can do and what one should do is the difference between lethargy and initiative. Norman Richard, Vice President, Xerox Corporation once said, ”The quest for quality is a race without a finishing line”.Thus was born the initiative to establish the IQAC in 2012 even though we were only & five years old then we know post NAAC accreditation the establishment of IQAC becomes mandatory. But we establish the cell so as to promote awareness of quality among all constituencies including the management. This has paid rich dividends in the sense our faculty are aware of NAAC expectations, criteria of assessment, quality parameters and of area of improvement. Slowly we are extending infrastructural facilities and making everyone realize about logistic education. We are planning to create quality circle and the process of quality initiation has already started. We have a very active coordinator who is made to involve herself in every aspect of academics and administration and one should not forget the fact that we are young college and the average area age of the faculty is 30.We have even done, albeit, on a small scale SWOT analysis. Our management is sensitive to establishing important sign posts. Well, ”Slow and study wins the race”, is the proverb. And we are taking small steps, of course, cautiously in the right directon.

Office bearers

ChairPerson - Dr K.Thirumamagal , Principal In-Charge
Coordinator - Dr J.Seethalakshmi, Department of Computer Application
Members- All the Departments Head Incharge.